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Cohabitation investigations Scotland

There are many reasons that may require proof of cohabitation in Scotland, a high number of these are carried out for matrimonial purposes and Individuals who do not notify their local authority or council of an alteration associated with benefits applications.  Allow Dion International to obtain proof of cohabitation that verifies all the facts.

Our team of private investigators in Scotland are discreet, efficient and non-judgmental. We conduct Cohabitation investigations professionally and within the law of the land, we operate.  We provide clear irrefutable evidence and every case is executed with precision, discretion, efficiency and professionalism.


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Dion International, a leading cohabitation investigations company based in Edinburgh, Scotland.  We offer a bespoke investigation service to each new and existing client throughout Scotland the UK and abroad.  Our professional and highly experienced surveillance investigators are specially selected from a rigorous selection process, we have a high number of ex British military and government agency personnel within the company who bring their own individual experiences from decades of working in some of the most challenging environments around the globe.

We will always report our evidence to the highest professional standard, our private investigators will provide time-stamped photographic evidence and videos in a detailed report for legal action that is fully admissible in court.  Experienced investigators know that regardless of whether people hide certain behaviours, experience has taught us that people follow the same routines and patterns when they repeat certain behaviours. In order to collect the required evidence, we use these along with our full in-depth subject analysis to identify routines where evidence is likely to be found making this service cost-effective to our clients.

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Legal Advice Should Be Sought As Quickly As Possible.

When cohabitants separate in Scotland, special legislation is in place to protect their interests. In Scotland, this is governed by the Family Law (Scotland) Act 2006.  The 2006 Act provides cohabiting couples with certain rights regarding money, household belongings, and joint accounts or savings they may have accumulated during their relationship.  Additionally, the 2006 Act allows cohabitants to make a claim for a capital sum from the other party upon separation to compensate for any financial imbalance arising from contributions made by either party during the relationship. For example, they may have been left financially disadvantaged as a result of the relationship or may have financially advantaged the other party.    In this context, fairness is determined by the specific circumstances of each case. In deciding what is fair, the courts have wide discretion, but they can only award a capital sum. Their orders will not include the transfer of a house, other property, or pension share, as they could in a divorce case.  The claim for cohabitation must be made within one year of the parties ceasing to live together.

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The term cohabitation refers to the living together of two people without being married.  In matrimonial disputes, proof of cohabitation can be used to prove that a contract was broken.  Divorce settlements usually come with certain caveats. As part of maintenance payments, these could be documented in a Minute of Agreement Order. This means, for example, you agree to pay maintenance until your ex-spouse remarries or starts cohabiting with someone else.

It’s always possible that they are hiding something from you about their living situation, and that means you no longer have to support them. You may think they are completely honest with you about their living situation, but there’s always the possibility that they have secretly moved in with someone else.  Our firm can provide evidence of cohabitation on behalf of those who suspect their ex-partner lives with someone else. Contact us today to learn more.  During our investigation, we seek to learn the truth about what situation your ex-partner is currently in.

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Contact one of our cohabitation investigators in Scotland by telephone, email, live chat or complete and submit the enquiry form.


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