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Counter Surveillance Teams Edinburgh

Dion International counter-surveillance teams in Edinburgh employ a set of actions that, when followed correctly, reduce the risk of surveillance and help to identify any hostile surveillance teams.  Counter surveillance refers to measures that are usually undertaken to prevent surveillance, including covert surveillance.  Counter surveillance may include electronic methods such as technical surveillance counter-measures, which is the process of detecting surveillance devices.  It can also include covert listening devices, visual surveillance devices, and counter-surveillance software to thwart unwanted cybercrime, such as accessing computing and mobile devices for various nefarious reasons, this includes theft of financial, personal or corporate data.

Counter surveillance is different from surveillance, as the latter does not aim to prevent or reduce surveillance.  Counter surveillance is a series of drills that will be conducted by a third party team and Anti surveillance is a series of drills that can be conducted by yourself to deter or identify any surveillance team if carried out correctly.  After an extensive risk analysis, we will deliver a bespoke protection service, tailored to the unique needs of our clients in Edinburgh.

Why Choose Dion International in Edinburgh

Dion International are an executive security company that provides bespoke national and international security solutions tailored to the individual needs of both existing and new clients throughout Edinburgh and the United Kingdom.  The first-class service we provide has allowed us to work with some of the most reputable clients in Edinburgh from corporate to constructions companies and events to the hospitality sector.

Our security professionals and experienced SIA licensed counter surveillance officers in Edinburgh are specially selected from a rigorous selection process, we have a high number of ex British military and government agency personnel within the company who bring their individual experiences from working in some of the most challenging environments around the world.


Surveillance Teams, This is a physical presence on the ground conducted by men or women.  History has shown us that before any well-executed attack from terrorists to activists surveillance would have been conducted at some point in the planning phase.  Video Surveillance, covert camera systems that are now on the market are easily obtained at a very low cost.  These extremely small gadgets can be placed virtually anywhere without it ever being known to the subject and can even be viewed remotely in real-time via a desktop or mobile phone.  Listening devices are also available on the market at very low prices which can be placed in a location and be set to voice activation when it is triggered the device will call the stored number providing the surveillance team real-time conversations.


Anyone in Edinburgh from CEO’s and executives, celebrities, ultra-high net worth individuals, divorcees and even criminals.


If our operatives identify a physical threat during the operation in Edinburgh we can carry out further investigations to identify the persons involved.  Working with you or your team we can determine the most cost-effective response.  Once we establish the response we can then execute the plan, which can be simply by visiting the source of the threat or local authority intervention.

Counter Surveillance COSTS EDINBURGH

The exact cost of a professional counter-surveillance team in Edinburgh depends on a number of factors.  However, as an indication, the typical cost of a counter-surveillance team in Edinburgh is around £150 – £250 an hour for a team of three operatives.

Technical Counter Surveillance COSTS EDINBURGH

The cost of a technical counter-surveillance team in Edinburgh, again, will depend on a number of factors.  However, as an indication,  typical costs start around £1,000 for a two-bedroom flat to be searched.  Some private security companies in Edinburgh will charge hourly rates, and others will provide a fixed fee offer.  It’s always advisable to have a clear indication of costs before going ahead. This helps manage your budget cost-effectively and ensure there aren’t any unpleasant surprises.


Dion International operatives have extensive local knowledge of Edinburgh, within the city centre and surrounding areas. Our East Lothian operations cover localities, such as Musselburgh, Tranent, Haddington and Dunbar. West Lothian operations cover localities such as Livingston, Bathgate, Whitburn and Armadale and the borders such as Hawick, Duns, Jedburgh and Galashiels.

Key Features

Full in-depth analysis.
SIA licensed operatives.
Experienced and professional surveillance operatives.
Protecting our clients' people, assets and reputation worldwide is at the forefront of what we do.
Fixed fee offering.