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Dion International, a leading private investigation and intelligence company based in Edinburgh that provides surveillance and investigation services for private, commercial and corporate clients around the globe. We offer a bespoke TSCM – Bug sweeping service to each new and existing client throughout Scotland the UK and abroad. Our 5 star-service has allowed us to work with some of the most reputable clients from around the world.

Our professional and highly experienced surveillance investigators in Scotland are specially selected from a rigorous selection process, we have a high number of ex British military and government agency personnel within the company who bring their own individual experiences from decades of working in some of the most challenging environments around the globe, which enables us to handpick the correct skillset of expert investigators to competently conduct your investigation.

We understand the sensitivities involved when contacting an investigations company for the first time and for some people this can be daunting but please be assured our experienced team will guide you through the process and options relating to your case, having dealt with all types of cases over the years from sensitive private investigations to stressful business-related investigations we will make this as painless as possible.

Enquiries are treated strictly private and confidential and all operations throughout Scotland will be conducted within the law. Our private investigators are qualified to the national standard level 3 for professional investigators and Dion International hold all essential insurances and are registered with the information commissioners office and as such conform with the data protection act.


It’s understandably a distressing thought when you believe that someone may have bugged your property to secretly eavesdrop on your conversations or even secretly recording you where you expect a reasonable level of privacy. If you believe that your home, car or office may be electronically bugged, it is likely very difficult to feel safe and at ease.  A bugging or recording device allows eavesdroppers to learn intimate details about your life and even to use those details to their own advantage either on a private or commercial level.

Trust your instinct. Someone might tell you you’re being unreasonable, having to think that your car or room is bugged with recording devices. But that unnerving feeling you have is a very useful tool. And finding hidden audio or video bug is no easy thing to deal with and can be extremely difficult to come to terms with.

We will explain the basics of how to tell if your house and car are bugged with recording devices or GPS trackers. Ultimately the best course of action is to hire a professional to search and use specialist equipment to detect such equipment and successfully remove it.


It could and can happen to anyone.

Whether you’re working for the government, or you’re a Director in a big company, maybe you’re a public figure, or you’re in a controlling and abusive relationship – your fears about bugs or trackers are completely justified.

People in high-risk positions are prone to tracking and bugging problems, most of whom get an occasional heads-up about potential eavesdropping.

But most regular people have other stuff on their mind and thinking about being a target of bugging is the furthest thing on your mind. Even so, you might fear that your partner, friend or colleague won’t respect your privacy. After all, we’re not short on disturbing stories from victims of bugging scandals.


Hidden cameras have been used ever since the mid-1900s coinciding with World War 2, with audio surveillance preceding them. These devices have been used by everyone from government spies and Special Forces in their early years to now being used by and being available to anyone on the open market.

In the early years of hidden cameras and audio devices they were the size of your average watch today, so imagine how tiny, practical, durable, and effective these devices are today! With the development of technology, some of these devices can be the size of a penny with the only part needed to visually or audibly monitor you behind a hole as small as a pinhole.

But as nosy and malicious people use the technology to poke around in other people’s business, we also have the knowledge and technology to find these bugs and prevent you from being placed in a vulnerable situation.

With all this being said the answer to the question is that it is extremely difficult to see and detect these devices without good knowledge and equipment.

If you have cause for concern or you have suspicions that your property has been bugged or you are being tracked, please feel free to contact our professional technical surveillance countermeasure team for advice on your next steps or a quotation to conduct a bug search and sweep of your property.

  • Private residential bug sweeps and physical search
  • Vehicle search and bug sweep
  • Business property bug sweeps and searches.
  • Cameras
  • Audio listening devices
  • GPS tracking devices



Dion International operatives have extensive knowledge of Scotland. Our operations cover localities, such as Edinburgh, Stranraer, Glasgow, Stirling, Fife, Perth, Dundee, Oban, Aberdeen, The Borders and Inverness.

Dion International Ltd

A family run business founded by ex British military professionals working with private and corporate clients around the globe. Specialised in Executive Protection, Covert Surveillance, Secure Transportation and Manned Guarding operations

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