Corporate Clients

Corporate Clients
Corporate Clients

Corporate Investigation & Security Services

International organisations across the UK and abroad consider Dion International as Scotland's best executive security company, why? Because our experienced operatives find effective solutions to problems through proven strategies that get results in the quickest time possible. Our experienced operatives will guide our clients to make informed decisions that safeguard their people, assets, and reputation. We have the knowledge, expertise, and resources our clients need and trust.

The investigation of employees, management, or third parties may be needed in any business to determine if they have committed any unlawful activity, corporate investigations are often required after an issue has been reported that is considered suspicious, but in the absence of hard evidence, an investigation may be necessary. 

Our corporate security guards in Scotland will identify and effectively mitigate, any developments at an early stage that may threaten the resilience and continued survival of the business. Our corporate security teams will oversee and manage the close coordination among all functions concerned with various aspects of security, business continuity, and safety.


What Can We Do To Help?

To help resolve legal issues, Dion International offers a range of dedicated and bespoke solutions to clients including PLCs, limited companies and sole traders. Our services include but are not limited to:

• Covert Surveillance
• Physical Security
• Intelligence & Evidence Gathering
• Mobile Security Patrols
• Employee Absenteeism
• Concierge and Reception Duties
• Workplace Investigations
• Security Review
• Internal and External Fraud Investigations
• Access Control and Emergency Alarm Response
• Counterfeiting and Intellectual Property Investigations
• Electronic Bug Sweeps (TSCM)
• Mystery Shopper

Providing Dedicated and Bespoke Solutions

Our qualified operatives have decades of experience delivering excellent services to large and small corporate clients from physical security operations to interviewing staff members and obtaining sensitive information through covert means.

What’s Next?

If you require a trusted team of professionals then speak to a member of our team now or request a callback to see how we can help you and your business today.

Focused On The Needs Of Our Clients

Our experienced and trusted Scottish operatives have local knowledge which is a must for any successful operation.

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