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Dion International Ltd, leading security company Fife. We provide a bespoke security solution service to each new and existing client across Fife, the UK, and abroad. Our work ethic and great attention to detail have allowed us to work with some of the world’s most respected clients from around the world in Fife, from corporate to construction companies and events to hospitality organisations.

A rigorous selection process allows us to take on only the most skilled and experienced members of our SIA licensed security teams in Fife. Within the company, we have a high percentage of former serving members of the British military and government agencies who each bring their own experiences from working in some of the most challenging environments around the world.

All investigation enquiries are treated strictly private and confidential and all operations throughout Fife will be conducted within the law. Our private investigators are qualified to the national standard level 3 for professional investigators and Dion International hold all essential insurances and are registered with the information commissioners office and as such conform with the data protection act.

Our professional security officers in Fife act as an effective visual deterrent and a rapid response solution to any potential or genuine threat. By providing highly-trained security personnel, the risk to life, vandalism, theft and other crimes is significantly reduced. Depending on your needs, we can protect family, properties, assets and employees.

Dion International will show you where you’re most vulnerable and then help you to mitigate and safeguard against activities that threaten you the most.  Various threats, such as bomb threats, stalkers, espionage, workplace violence, extortion, and supply chain disruption, can occur without warning.  In addition to providing a comprehensive analysis of your current security measures, Dion International can help you identify those threats, mitigate risk, identify suspects, and ultimately manage and resolve a wide variety of security issues.

Our Services in Fife

All your security solutions under one roof at the highest level. Experienced, Dedicated, Different. More than just security.

Security Operations

Private Investigations

Executive Operations


Security Services

Fife security company.  All security services are completely customisable and can be integrated with other specialist services we offer.  We can meet whatever your specific security needs are, whether it is protecting a family member, securing a property, guarding a construction site, minimising theft, or providing front-of-house security guards.  All Operations are conducted by our top-tier security operatives locally and internationally.

Residential & State Security

Dion International offer professional Residential Security Guard Services throughout Scotland and the UK to Care Homes, Estate Buildings, Private and Residential Homes, Hotels and Town Centres.

Reception & Concierge

City Centre Apartments and Loft buildings which combine business and domestic lifestyle’s into one, the role of the Concierge Receptionist has had to adapt to suit these new 24 hour environments.

Warehouse Security

Warehouse Security Guard Services that suits your business requirements.  As specialist providers of Manned Guarding Services in Scotland, Dio International can provide a wide range of Security Services.

Construction Site Security

 All Construction Security Guards are fully qualified, uniformed and SIA approved. We will also provide and work to our agreed, detailed risk assessment documents which are always available on site.

Corporate Security

Corporate & Commercial Security solutions to suit offices blocks, Hotels, Schools Colleges, Hospitals, Banks, Retail and  Shopping centres.  All guards are SIA approved and health and safety trained.

Specialist Operations

 Specialist services are conducted by our in-house professional investigators.  Covert surveillance operations, fraud investigations, statements and interviews, and Internal or external investigations

Leading security guard company in Fife focused on the people of Fife and the UK. We offer security guarding services in Fife and throughout the UK, including mobile patrols and alarm response, that is highly professional, reliable, and cost-effective to large corporations, construction companies, hospitality and retail establishments, as well as the public sector, healthcare, and industrial organisations. All security guards in Fife and throughout Fife are SIA Licensed.

A professional security guard service in Fife will provide you with peace of mind that your business, site, people and assets are protected.  Hiring a professional security guard company in Fife will not only create a positive impression about the status of your company, but they will also prevent disturbances at your business, provide security strategies, and offer peace of mind to both your employees and investors that they are protected.

Our multifaceted professional security guards are often assigned to a wide variety of events and can help with several requirements and provide services for all types of occasions.  Security guards, experience, and the resources required, vary with the type of service.

When hiring Fife security guards ensure that they have the necessary qualifications and accreditations along with significant experience. Customised security services and specialised events are likely to cost more, but they are crucial in ensuring adequate protection for businesses or events with higher risks.  Choosing security personnel in your local area will reduce travel costs, and have the added benefit of local, on the ground knowledge.

Experienced Fife security guards are essential to your peace of mind, so where possible you should stretch your budget to hire outstanding security guards who can manage your sites, events, staff, and assets as effectively as possible.


Security Guards

Manned entrances
Static security
Mobile security
Canine units
Ticketing management
Fire safety controls
Surveillance and reporting
Corporate security staff
Hospitality Security Staff
Emergency response
Bodyguard services
specialist event security
Valuable asset protection


Covert Surveillance

Static Surveillance – Normally undertaken by one operative.  They can be carefully positioned outside a property, building, park, business and will be employed to film and record the movements of a person, persons, vehicles or assets at an address or location. 

Mobile Surveillance – Follow a person, vehicle or asset. It is normally undertaken by a team of investigators, whether that be two, three, four or more, we have the capabilities of using a variety of vehicles applicable to the job as well as all the latest technology and equipment to capture the required evidence.  

Rural Surveillance – Required when our operatives are asked to monitor a scenario whilst in a rural setting. 

Our operatives are trained to the highest standard coming from military and police backgrounds with decades of experience conducting stressful business-related matters in Fife. Dion International private detective agency in Fife have local knowledge, which is a must for any successful investigation. All investigations in Fife are executed by our specially selected time served operatives meaning you can rest assured that when instructing us in Fife your investigation is handled in the most professional, discreet and cost-effective way possible.

Private investigators are allowed to follow people.  Our covert surveillance teams in Fife are trained and disciplined to know the professionalism that is required for all set objectives.  Surveillance is a valuable investigative tool when requiring insight into an individuals’ day-to-day activities, movements and general lifestyle.

One of the most frequently asked questions is, will the subject know they are under surveillance?   We will recommend resources required to minimise the possibility of compromise by the subject or third parties in Fife and having considered the circumstances we may impose a minimum required deployment.

Our covert surveillance operatives are diverse and have a wealth of experience in investigative backgrounds. They have perfected the art of blending into whatever community or the surrounding area that is required.   Their ultimate objectives are obtaining crucial information and doing so in an incredibly covert but legal way.  We have male and female surveillance operatives available to work both within rural and urban environments.  

Whether you require assistance with suspected internal and external theft, corporate espionage or evidence of an employee’s fraudulent activities from our tactical team of operatives in Fife, Dion International can utilise a multitude of professional services throughout Fife, the UK and abroad. This includes providing covert surveillance teams to obtain evidential footage of lifestyle checks to stressful business-related matters. 

No two cases are the same, so we deploy the services you need for your exact situation. Our highly trained surveillance operatives in Fife can help establish those facts and give you tangible evidence to help you make important life and business decisions. The money that has gone missing to the employee who you suspect is working elsewhere, Dion International can provide undeniable proof giving you the power to make those life-changing business decisions. Our experienced private investigators will work lawfully, discreetly and quickly to give you all the facts.

Executive protection or close protection refers to measures taken to ensure the safety of VIPs or individuals who may be at higher risk because of their employment, high-profile status, high net worth, affiliations, or geographic locations.  Executive protection may also protect family members as a preventative measure against kidnapping and extortion. Protective measures may include, home security systems, ongoing intelligence reports, bodyguards, residential security guards, mail screening, security checks, travel arrangements, background checks, surveillance operatives, intelligence gathering and other precautions.

There is no one-size-fits-all solution for executive protection. Dion International balances protective efforts, best practices and threat environments to accommodate individual client preferences with lifestyle choices and family considerations.  This enables us to tailor a protective program to each client according to their real needs.  The ultimate goal is to protect our clients’ businesses and lifestyles while reducing risk.

Dion International has the ability to meet whatever needs our clients require, whether that involves a level of protection for family environments, low profile operatives, high profile support, protective surveillance, discreet overwatch, covert protection operatives or any combination thereof.

Dion International will provide a bespoke protection service for individual clients to corporate organisations, whatever the environment, anywhere in the world. Where possible our first-class close protection officers will try to remain unobtrusive while maintaining the personal safety of clients at all times, allowing them to continue with their daily routines and work commitments. Our experienced close protection officers understand the fine balance between protection and lifestyle, and that each client’s needs are unique.

Once we have discussed your security concerns with yourself or a representative and we fully understand your security needs and wishes, a full security analysis and extensive risk assessment will be researched.  We ensure that our executive protection personnel are intimately aware of their threat environment thus providing them with the ability to provide the best protection plan possible and create a safe environment for you to achieve your objectives.

Dion International in Fife understands the complexities that go into identifying threats, resourcing solutions and maintaining a program for continued success within a carefully considered budget.  Whether you require a single close protection officer or a full protection team of personal security operatives, Dion International security company is ready to assist.


Executive Protection

Executive Protection Personnel
Security Drivers
Close Protection Details
Medical Personnel
Protective Surveillance Operatives
Counter Surveillance Operatives
Residential Security Guards
Intelligence Gathering
Asset Protection


Protective Surveillance


Dion International provides premium protective surveillance teams in Fife for private, commercial and corporate clients around the globe, who require that extra safety bubble.  Protective surveillance is a means of providing protection with surveillance where a close protection team may be seen as inappropriate or intrusive, this can also be conducted for an individual without it being known to them, for instance, a child or vulnerable adult.

At Dion International we want our clients to go about daily routines as normal as possible while being in the sound knowledge they are surrounded by an experienced security team, only appearing from the shadows when needed.  After an extensive risk assessment, we will deliver a bespoke protection service required for the unique needs of our clients.

Dion International Fife deploys specialist enhanced surveillance teams throughout Fife, the UK and abroad for clients who require a tactical security team but don’t want others to know about it or a family member that needs safeguarding by a security team but is reluctant to accept one for whatever the reason.

Our covert protective surveillance security teams are also best suited for corporate clients who may need to add a security team to an already existing protection package in Fife or where the presence of close protection officers or a security detail at a business meeting may be detrimental to the image of the business.

Threats in Fife can range from kidnapping, criminal activity, stalking and blackmail to threats from unwanted legitimate sources such as the press or freelancers. Protective surveillance can also be utilised in conjunction with a wider protection package for yourself, family members or employees.  A member of our team can talk you through the advantages and disadvantages of this service.  Contact us now in confidence to discuss if you would benefit from protective surveillance in Fife.

Dion International counter-surveillance teams in Fife employ a set of actions that, when followed correctly, reduce the risk of surveillance and help to identify any hostile surveillance teams.  Counter surveillance refers to measures that are undertaken to prevent surveillance, including covert surveillance.  Counter surveillance may include electronic methods such as technical surveillance counter-measures, which detect surveillance devices.  It can also include covert listening devices, visual surveillance devices, and counter-surveillance software to thwart unwanted cybercrime, such as accessing computing and mobile devices for various nefarious reasons, this includes theft of financial, personal or corporate data.

Counter surveillance is different from surveillance, as the latter does not aim to prevent or reduce surveillance.  Counter surveillance is a series of drills that will be conducted by a third party team and Anti surveillance is a series of drills that can be conducted by yourself to deter or identify any surveillance team if carried out correctly.  After an extensive risk analysis, we will deliver a bespoke protection service, tailored to the unique needs of our clients in Fife.

Surveillance Teams – A physical presence on the ground conducted by men or women.  History has shown us that before any well-executed attack from terrorists to activists surveillance would have been conducted at some point in the planning phase.

Video Surveillance – Covert camera systems that are now on the market are easily obtained at a very low cost.  These extremely small gadgets can be placed virtually anywhere without it ever being known to the subject and can even be viewed remotely in real-time via a desktop or mobile phone.

Listening devices – Also available on the market at a very low cost which can be placed in a location and be set to voice activation, when it is triggered, the device will call the stored number providing the surveillance team real-time conversations.

CEOs, executives, celebrities, ultra-high net worth individuals, divorcees, and even criminals are targets.  When our operatives identify a physical threat we can carry out further investigations to identify the persons involved.  Working with you or your team we can determine the most cost-effective response.  Once we establish the response we can then execute the plan, which can simply be visiting the source of the threat, local authority intervention or even placing them under surveillance.


Counter Surveillance




Corporate Security

Personnel Security * Physical Security * Workplace Investigations * Access Point Control * Fraud Deterrence * Risk Management * Crisis Management * Relief Security Officer * Internal Security Patrols * Mobile patrols * Workplace Investigations * Concierge and Reception Duties * Emergency Planning and
Evacuation Procedure * Access Control and Emergency
Alarm Response Services

Threat Management:

Asses the threat. Why are you being targeted and what precipitated the threat? Once we establish risk parameters, we can advise on the most appropriate course of action.

Investigate the threat.  If the suspect is unknown we will narrow the field with what we learned in the initial assessment stage, combining investigative strategies, including background checks and physical subject surveillance.

Review security. This includes contingencies, systems and personnel in place to mitigate the threat. Additionally, our executive protection officers can be added as a wider security package.

Determine Response. We will work with your specialists to determine the most cost-effective response.

Establish & Execute plan. We will carry out the plan to address the threat. This can be as simple as visiting the source of the threat or other lawful remedies such as restraining orders or mental health intervention.

Dion International corporate security guards in Fife will identify and effectively mitigate any developments at an early stage at any site that may threaten the resilience and continued survival of the business.  Our security guard teams will oversee and manage the close coordination among all functions concerned with various aspects of security, business continuity, and safety.

Security strategies for many years have been dominated by defensive measures to protect staff and property. A Static security guard was seen as a mere ‘guard at the gate, someone whose actions invariably stopped people from doing their jobs instead of enabling the business to function more effectively.

A high proportion of our security operatives come from armed forces or police. There are many reasons businesses tend to instruct private security companies from these backgrounds. The police and armed forces churn out individuals with intensive training in the practice of security and protection and have hands-on experience that is rarely available elsewhere but for security personnel to be effective with security must understand the business, security issues and how they contribute to its objectives.

The presence of highly-trained security officers displaying the highest security standards significantly minimises the chance of security breaches, vandalism, theft and other criminal activity. We can provide you with peace of mind that your staff, property, and assets will be protected.  We will listen to your security needs and wishes when providing an extensive strategic analysis of the business as each requires a unique security strategy.

Dion International can provide a single protection specialist to a full team of security professionals. In conjunction with or as a stand-alone service, We offer penetration testing in Fife and if granted as the security provider this will allow us to assess how effective your current security measures are including building and control access.

Businesses in Fife are increasingly entering areas that harm corporate structure and pace; the saturation of traditional markets means corporations are venturing into riskier places.  The security risks and security trends have also become more complex as well, threats, like those stemming from terrorism, organised crime, and cybersecurity, are asymmetric and connected, making them even more difficult to manage.

Fife’s workplace is a breeding ground for threatening behaviour, from industrial facilities to government office locations.  Stalking and harassment to major disruptions, our reliable team and Fife security guards will implement personal protection techniques for all types of businesses.  Our threat management will help you manage threats in a systematic, controlled, confidential and secure way.

Security in the hospitality industry is becoming increasingly crucial. At locations such as hotels and venues, for example, the safety and security of guests, employees and assets are one of the most critical components of a business’ operation.  The requirement to incorporate security measures, utilising hospitality security personnel into a host of visible measures is particularly important since these measures ensure customer safety.  Consequently, your customers get the sense that your premises are a place where they can feel safe and where the management is interested in their well-being, leading to repeat customs for your business.

At Dion International, we provide hospitality security services at exclusive and VIP events throughout the UK and abroad such as racecourses, sporting events and international competitions.

Dion International does more than just turn up to put boots on the ground, our executive protection officers can provide an additional level of protection and security measures for visiting executives and high net worth guests who need that extra level of protection when trying to relax in Fife.

If you’re a guest travelling to an event in the kingdom of Fife and require your own independent security report.  Dion International can provide a local reconnoitre to attend the site to understand the risk profiles on the ground.  On completion, we will provide you with a full in-depth intelligence report and we can continually gather actionable intelligence right up to the day of the event for maximum protection.  On the big day, our security company can provide a single close protection officer or a team of executive officers, this can also be carried out covertly by our experienced close protection surveillance officers utilising our protective surveillance service.

Our experienced security company will work with you and your team to provide fully bespoke security solutions tailored to your needs and budget requirements.


Hospitality Security

Personnel Security
Physical Security officers
Workplace Investigations
Access Point Control
Risk Management
Crisis Management
Relief Security Officers
Concierge and Reception Duties
Emergency Planning and Evacuation Procedure


Hotel Security

Staff and customer harassment prevention.
Security guards
Personnel security
Alarm response
Access control
Authorised room checks
Concierge and reception duties
Internal & External site patrols

As one of the premium hotel security providers in Fife, our company provides comprehensive hotel security solutions for the safety and security of guests.  Whatever your requirements, whether large or small, we deliver the same quality service.

Our assurance to you is that each security officer we provide is committed, proficient, reliable, and highly skilled within the hotel security industry. Hotel premises, surrounding areas, and car parks are obvious targets. Criminals in the local area are constantly looking for any opportunity to steal guests personal belongings while they are preoccupied.  Our Security officers are fully trained to the highest of standards to deal with and prevent such issues from arising.

At Dion International, our hotel security teams will ensure that your premises are well protected against any unauthorised access or occupation and to protect the property against damage by force of entry and theft.

We feel our SIA close protection officers are advantageous to the hotel as they can enhance security for visiting high net worth guests. The presence of highly-trained security officers significantly minimises the chances of vandalism, theft and other crime.  We can provide security on a permanent or ad-hoc basis throughout Fife, this includes events to last-minute cancellations of your current hotel security/concierge staff.

Whilst a traditional security presence is crucial, Dion International believes that a welcoming and friendly reception leaves a good impression on guests and makes them feel more comfortable. Our hotel security teams are passionate and committed to providing great customer service.  When working in hotels, our guards may encounter a variety of people, including business travellers, families on holiday and international visitors, as well as cleaners, restaurant staff, receptionists and managers and why security officers must be confident in dealing with each member of the public in a friendly, caring and respectful manner.

Providing premier security services throughout Fife for a variety of events, from business meetings and board meetings to discreet private events, family celebrations and high-profile conferences.

At Dion International, we understand that these special events present unique risks, requiring coordinated security services occasionally to operate discreetly. For example, shareholder meetings may elicit strong emotions, leading to potentially embarrassing security situations.  Additionally, Dion International understands the sensitivity of cross-cultural communication and cultural awareness in diverse environments.  Dion International operates with fluency, thus providing the highest level of security for all events in Fife.

A safe and secure operating environment is created by an intricate planning and preparation process that allows our clients to focus on the narrative of the event or business at their disposal while maintaining a safe and secure working environment for everyone involved.

Dion International event and venue security officers in Fife will provide a bespoke security service tailored to suit your security needs and wishes. We understand finding security that combines a high level of protection without compromising the nature and spirit of the event or venue can be a challenge. Assuring a smooth operation and safety for all guests is our promise. If a reduced security presence is needed, we can conduct a strategic security presence without overpowering the event.

Whether you require an entire team of security professionals or a single close protection officer in Fife we can provide the support that includes, access control contingency plans, security personnel and bug sweeps to secure sensitive information.

We employ progressive phases that have proven effective for all types of events throughout Fife, from small private parties to large corporate events, public events or anything in between. Whether your event will take place at your premises or an offsite location, Dion International will deliver security tailored to meet your needs


Event & Venue Security

Local Assessment
Intelligence Report
Security & Crisis Management
Event Security
Close protection officers
Covert Surveillance Teams
Anti-tout Teams
Tactical First-aid Teams
Security Officers
Door Supervisors


Residential Security

Control all access into the estate
Daily logging of all staff and visitors
Mobile patrols & security checks
24/7 monitoring of CCTV systems
Lockdown and open up procedures
Co-ordination of security to attacks
Intruder intervention
CCTV maintenance
Asset protection
Search trained
Event security and guest reception

Our residential security team in Fife (RST) provides security to homes, sites and other premises with manned security that can be integrated into existing security protocols and systems. When conducted correctly, it can prove highly beneficial to the occupants.

Having 24-hour security protection may result in substantial savings on insurance premiums and, upon the identification of any kind of danger, such as fire, burglary and covert operations, the residential security team can notify the homeowner, ensure their safety, and contact the emergency services as required.

In addition to providing a high visibility security presence, Dion International can provide discreet residential security that meets your needs.  The presence of a professional residential security team is a crucial deterrent in securing personal and private interests, whether the premises are occupied or vacant.

A residential security team can be utilised around the clock, 365 days a year, to provide you with the peace of mind you deserve.  With the increasing amount of residential vandalism, theft, burglaries and even kidnappings, there is a growing concern for home and estate safety.

At Dion International we understand the need for discretion and privacy for you and your family, so every residential security guarding plan is tailored to suit the lifestyle and needs of our clients, by providing a complete security service without being invasive and interfering in your private life.

Understanding we are guests and family environments may be sensitive. We can provide a low profile or high profile service dependent on your security needs and wishes.  After an extensive risk assessment, we will deliver a bespoke protection service tailored to the unique requirements of our clients. We have many cost-effective security solutions at our disposal that can be offered as part of a wider residential security package.

Our residential security teams consist of qualified close protection officers who are experienced in private security work throughout Fife.  The advantage of using close protection officers is that they can be used to manage any other security requirements you or your family may have.

A single bodyguard or as a larger team of two or more, a residential security team can offer peace of mind to a family in residence. Residential security requires a strategic rotational shift system of at least 3 security operatives to maintain the security of the residence at all times. One on days, one on nights and one resting is the minimum staffing requirement.

Our first-class residential security officers in Fife are not standard security guards, all come from government backgrounds and are certified close protection officers licensed with the SIA.  They provide the highest level of standards, discretion, professionalism and great attention to detail.  Whatever the reason you feel unsafe in your own home our cost-effective home security solutions will mitigate threats, limiting the chance of one coming to harm.