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Covert surveillance is conducted by concealing it from the subject, or by ensuring they are unaware of its presence.  Directed surveillance operations involve the covert monitoring of targets’ movements, conversations and other activities.  Those who perform this work are highly skilled surveillance specialists, who may operate from vehicles, on foot or from fixed observation posts.

The use of covert surveillance has long been the last resort for investigating illegal activities, such as extremist groups, theft, fraud, espionage, or employment issues. However, as organisations look at quicker methods, covert surveillance has been growing in popularity as a way to glean intelligence and information, in what is often referred to as a covert surveillance investigation, in order to uncover the truth.

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Dion International, are a leading private investigation and intelligence company based in Scotland that provides surveillance and investigation services for private, commercial and corporate clients around the globe. Our professional covert surveillance investigators in Scotland are specially selected from a rigorous selection process. We have a high number of ex British military and government agency personnel within the company who bring their own individual experiences from decades of working in some of the most challenging environments around the globe, thus enabling us to handpick the correct skillset of expert investigators to competently conduct your investigation anywhere in the world.

Using tried and tested surveillance techniques, including mobile surveillance, static observation and the placement of covert surveillance equipment ensures that the best results are delivered at all times. Dion International surveillance operatives are trained to use specialist equipment, including GPS tracking systems and covert body cameras that maximise our chance of obtaining the desired result for our clients.  Every job is executed with precision, discretion, efficiency and professionalism.

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We understand the sensitivities involved when contacting an investigations company for the first time and for some people this can be daunting but please be assured our experienced team will guide you through the process and options relating to your case, having dealt with all types of cases over the years from sensitive private investigations to stressful business-related investigations we will make this as painless as possible.

Enquiries are treated strictly private and confidential and all operations in Scotland will be conducted within the law. Our private investigators are qualified to the national standard level 3 for professional investigators. Dion International hold all essential insurances and are registered with the information commissioners office and as such conform with the data protection act.  Our professional and highly trained covert surveillance investigators can help establish those facts and give you tangible evidence to help you make those important life decisions.

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Whether you require assistance with matrimonial, infidelity or child custody matters, Dion International can utilise a multitude of professional services throughout the UK and abroad. This includes providing covert surveillance teams to obtain evidential footage of matrimonial infidelity taking place to lifestyle checks, corporate fraud and peace of mind. Every case is different so we deploy the services you need for your exact situation.  Our private investigators have extensive knowledge of Scotland and cover localities, such as Edinburgh, Stranraer, Glasgow, Stirling, Fife, Perth, Dundee, Oban, Aberdeen, The Scottish Borders and Inverness.

The subject of our investigation might, for example, be a hairdresser, waiter, salesperson, or lorry driver, and therefore we need an Investigator who can blend into whatever environment is required and can ask the appropriate questions without raising suspicions or leaving any traces that an undercover, covert investigation was conducted.  When you’re faced with a personal dilemma of any kind, the best decisions are based on facts.  Our private investigators will work lawfully, discreetly and quickly to give you all the facts you need.

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Private & Confidential Covert Surveillance Investigation Service

How To Instruct A Surveillance Investigator in Scotland?


Contact one of our surveillance investigators in Scotland by telephone, email, live chat or complete and submit the enquiry form.


Dion International Ltd is registered with the information commissioners office and as such conform with the data protection act.


The agreed costs will be cleared before we proceed with service.  We have various payment methods available.


At the conclusion of your investigation, we will provide you with a fully admissible report, complete with all documented evidence.

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