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How Private Investigators Use Technology to Solve Cases

Private investigators have been around for centuries, but the tools and techniques they use have evolved significantly over time. Today, private investigators rely on technology to gather evidence and solve cases.

  1. GPS tracking is a valuable tool for private investigators. With a GPS tracking device, a private investigator can monitor the movements of a person or vehicle in real-time. This can be useful in cases involving infidelity, child custody disputes, or anything covert surveillance-related. GPS tracking devices can be discreetly placed on a vehicle, allowing investigators to gather evidence without arousing suspicion.
  2. Digital forensics with the increasing use of technology in our daily lives, digital forensics has become an essential tool for private investigators. Digital forensics involves analysing electronic devices such as computers, smartphones, and tablets to recover deleted data, trace online activity, and uncover evidence of wrongdoing. Private investigators can use digital forensics to gather evidence in cases involving cyberbullying, intellectual property theft, and even criminal defence cases.
  3. Social media monitoring social media has become a valuable source of information for private investigators. By monitoring a person’s social media activity, investigators can gather evidence of infidelity, harassment, or other illegal activities. Private investigators can also use social media to locate missing persons or to gather information on a person’s whereabouts and lifestyle.
  4. Surveillance equipment such as hidden cameras, audio recorders, and long-range lenses can be used to gather evidence in corporate surveillance, cheating spouse cases and even intelligence gathering.  These devices are discreetly placed to monitor behaviour and gather evidence of wrongdoing.
  5. Facial recognition technology is an emerging tool that private investigators are using. Facial recognition technology involves analysing digital images or videos to identify a person’s face and match it with other images in a database. Private investigators may use facial recognition technology to identify suspects in criminal cases or to locate missing persons.
  6. Drone surveillance is another tool that private investigators are using to gather evidence. Drones equipped with cameras can be used to monitor a person’s movements or to survey a large area. Private investigators can use drone surveillance to gather evidence in cases involving environmental violations, illegal dumping, or property disputes for rural crime and housing associations.

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