After your consultation we will provide you with a quote built around a number of factors such as, budget, number of operatives, hours on task, location and any other special requirements.
Yes, this information will be provided on the terms and conditions we send to you.
Yes, What you do in your own home is your business. Our main priority is to provide you with the best protection service possible.
Close protection is more of an overt stance where protective surveillance is more covert. In certain circumstances close protection may have a detrimental impact on the clients reputation or image and this is where we may suggest a protective surveillance team.
No, we will not barter with another company over a pound, as we simply don’t have too. We will not put any of our officers at unnecessary risk just to secure a contract. What we can promise you is we will provide you with some of the best SIA Security officers and Surveillance operatives in Scotland.
No two cases are the same, we offer a bespoke service to each client in Scotland. Prices start at £50.00 per hour, per investigator. Daily Rate Surveillance Packages are available for longer operations.
Yes, Providing that you choose a professional and ethical company who follow the law of the land they operate within then investigation services are legal. Dion International will always work within the law.
After a free consultation, we will provide you with a quote built around a number of factors such as, the task at hand, number of Security officers, hours on task, location of task and any other special requirements. Typically costs start at £25.00 per hour.
We are based in Edinburgh but our main focus is Scotland as a whole. Localities such as, Edinburgh, Glasgow, Fife, Dundee, Aberdeen, the Scottish Borders and Inverness.


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