3 tips to improve your home security in Scotland

Avoid commenting on your holiday plans on social media

We plaster intimate details about our lives all over social media these days, but this is a major security risk.

As tempting as it may be to share with your friends and family about an upcoming staycation or trip abroad, posting your whereabouts on social media can be an open invitation to burglars searching for vulnerable homes in your area. Highlighting that your home will be vacant for a prolonged period of time can put your property and prized possessions at risk, so hold off posting until you’re safely back on your property. For an extra layer of protection, ask a trusted friend or relative to collect the mail while you’re away to ensure there are no tell-tale signs that the home is empty.

Add window sensors

Window sensors are also known as open/closed or entry sensors. When added to a window or a door, they’ll let you know if it opens or shuts. Protecting potential entrances is a great step toward securing your home.

Sensors can be part of both a home security system and a home automation system. You can create cause and effect actions that span both. For example, you could set the sensor to turn on your bedroom light if your door opens after midnight. Or you can have it send you a text if the door opens while you’re away.

Add security cameras

You’ve probably seen headlines about burglars and porch pirates being foiled by security camera footage. This is one home security solution that works as both a deterrent and a means to get justice. You can get security cameras that are part of a complete home security system, or you can use cameras that work on their own.

Whichever way you go, we recommend using a security camera with a mobile app, so you can see footage in real-time and store it if you ever need to go to the police. Take proactive measures to protect your cameras from hackers too.