Cheap home CCTV solutions in Scotland

Your Portable, Wire-Free and Hassle-Free Security Solution!

Battery-Powered Security Cameras

Battery-operated security cameras are usually 100% wire-free cameras (from top to bottom). Require no other power, no cords, no wiring! So you easily move your Reolink 100% wireless battery security camera anywhere and set it up in minutes. Keep an HD eye on your home from anywhere using your phone or computer.
Wire-free outdoor security cameras from Reolink are also solar-powered ones. Connect your camera to a solar panel so it provides enough juice for day & night monitoring, with starlight or high-quality infrared night vision. Achieve peace of mind while saving your money.

Why Pick Wire-Free Battery Operated Security Cameras?

Battery-powered wire-free security cameras free you from messy cords or wiring hassles, giving endless placement possibilities. No more worries about running out of battery or power outages, with a solar-powered rechargeable security camera. More advanced features* of Reolink battery operated surveillance cameras at a glance:

100% Wireless & Portable

Stay completely free of drilling or wiring work with battery wireless security cameras. Freely place and move anywhere you want.

Run on Solar Power Optionally

Power your solar powered security camera with an optional solar panel, to get enough juice for day & night monitoring. Cause no environmental pollutions as ordinary battery-operated cameras do.

Used Outdoors & Indoors

With IP65 weatherproof, the wire-free outdoor security cameras are built to withstand any weather conditions. Rain or shine, never quit.

Smart PIR Motion Alerts

A highly sensitive and wide-angle PIR motion sensor detects human movements, and sends real-time alerts. Nothing dangerous will slip through and fewer false alarms.

Remotely See, Listen and TalkBack

Not just see your family, pets, and more, also speak to them through the wire-free battery surveillance camera, anywhere on your phone.

Easily Rechargeable

Long-lasting power on a single charge of the battery, coming with rechargeable battery security cameras. Recharge it through a Micro USB cable or hook it up with a solar panel.

WiFi or 4G Connection

Reolink battery wire-free cameras connect to 2.4 GHz WiFi network. The cellular security camera Reolink Go connects to 4G LTE, so you stay connected wherever you are.

Local/Cloud Storage

Save motion events in the Micro SD card you insert into the 100% wireless security cameras. Or store these motion recordings securely if the cam works with Reolink Cloud.

1080p Starlight Night Vision

See clearer and sharper videos in 1080p HD resolution and wide viewing angle. You can identify people, vehicles, and any smallest details even in low light conditions.

Armed with Other Smart Features

HD resolution, instant motion detection, intelligent alerts, mobile live view, DIY, etc., these features of battery security cameras work together to build a smart and secure Reolink home.