UK cheating partner investigations Scotland

Cheating Partner investigations Scotland

If you suspect your partner is cheating it can feel like mental torture. Our surveillance operatives in Scotland can help stop the pain by showing you proof of your boyfriend or girlfriend’s movements.  Dion International have a proven track record for uncovering the truth behind infidelity allegations and obtaining undeniable evidence if your partner is being unfaithful. We are confident our methods will prove successful in your case too.  Our team of private investigators have been trained to be discreet, yet thorough in their work.  Every case is executed with precision, discretion, efficiency and professionalism. Contact a member of our team now.

Partner of Choice

Partner of choice for a number of highly respected establishments throughout Scotland and the UK from corporate to legal firms.

Experienced Operatives

Professional operatives throughout Scotland who can conduct a wide range of services for clients throughout the UK and abroad.

Specialist Services

Proven experience and actionable intelligence give us on the ground traction across a variety of sectors throughout Scotland and the UK.

International Reach

Connections throughout the world which puts us in a better position than most when dealing with various clients and tasks internationally.

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  • Full in-depth subject analysis

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International cheating partner & Relationship investigation Services

Dion International understand the sensitivities involved when contacting a private investigator agency for the first time and for some people this can be daunting but rest assured our experienced team will guide you through the process and options relating to your case, our private investigators have dealt with all types of relationship investigations over the years from sensitive cheating partner investigations to simple background checks. During your private investigation, we will make this as painless as possible.

In your initial free consultation, your assigned private investigator will help you to understand the process of the investigation and how it works so you know exactly what to expect from us. We can provide you with an accurate report of what happened and who was involved if we obtain evidence that your partner is being unfaithful. Dion International has built up a good reputation and some consider us Scotland’s best surveillance private investigators when it comes to unfaithful partner investigations, we are highly experienced and use world-class training from our police and military backgrounds to execute every investigation.

Surveillance Operative Hire Scotland

Covert Surveillance Specialists
£ 50
Unfaithful Partner Investigations

Top-Tier Covert Surveillance Operatives for infidelity investigations

Infidelity is the breaking of a promise to remain faithful to a romantic partner, The line between innocent flirtation and romantic betrayal is often elastic, and many couples face conflict because partners do not share the same definition of cheating. For some, anything short of sexual contact with someone else is acceptable and for others, the slightest bit of attention to someone other than the partner is unforgivable.  Sexual intercourse is not always involved, but it includes physical and emotional acts disloyal or unfaithful to your partner when in a relationship. These include kissing, dating or any behaviour which is not morally right in a committed relationship.

It is important to remember that no one is perfect and everyone has flaws, so don’t assume that your partner is being deceitful just because he or she isn’t behaving like themselves.  There are a number of signs that your partner could be cheating on you, but ultimately you know your partner. 

Uncover The Truth With Dion International Surveillance Operatives

Unfaithful partners and infidelity can cause a multitude of problems and strain on a relationship. Our cheating partner private detective can provide clarity and facts before you make those big life-changing decisions. The online dating pool is larger than ever and couples who meet on dating apps are six times more likely to separate within the first three years. Our private investigations can provide clear irrefutable evidence to confront your partner if cheating and give you peace of mind if they are being faithful.

  • They’re reluctant to make any big joint purchases.
  • They “forgot” to mention a night out.
  • The mobile phone goes everywhere—even the bathroom.
  • They’re more focused on their appearance.
  • They suddenly develop different tastes in music or hobbies.
  • You wonder where they got that trick in bed.

Unlike most who portray to be national companies only to subcontract your case out to unqualified personnel on open networks, our in-house operatives are not salesmen, they are real private investigators with years of experience working in some of the most demanding environments around the world.

We operate on an hourly rate basis and work in blocks of a minimum of four hours. The surveillance time will begin from the time our operatives leave our base of operations until they return.  Any additional fees incurred on the job (such as parking, entry fees, etc) will be charged upon completion of the operation.  

Dion International also provide daily rate packages for our surveillance services, with this option you will know exactly what you are paying from the beginning with no surprises.  We encourage our clients to set a budget that they are comfortable with and we can produce a plan of action from this.

Please note we are not being paid for a result we are monitoring the subject and place the client has instructed us to observe.  However, unlike other investigation companies Dion International conduct a full in depth subject analysis before putting boots on the ground, we will gather actionable intelligence that will pinpoint the best time for us to deploy our operatives, thus resulting in less time on the ground and keeping overall costs to a minimum.

Yes, A surveillance report is provided with photographs and a section of writing explaining what has occurred during the allocated time. Please be advised, if extra editing is required ie video, an additional fee is applied to the final invoice.

A surveillance operation cannot be cancelled or rescheduled 24hrs before, as we have operatives in place to undertake the work and their days must be organised in advance.  We also would have turned other work down or booked in at a later date to conduct the operation and therefore payment of 50% of the daily rate per operative would still be required for any cancellations within 24hrs.

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