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Child custody investigations Scotland

Emotional dilemmas involving children are hard to deal with.  Dion International can help glean clear, irrefutable evidence in any personal or legal case involving children.  Should court proceedings be ongoing in relation to child custody issues, our child custody investigations can help obtain any information that may question a parent’s character or ability to care for your child whilst in their care.  To prove your case, our child custody investigators use a number of methods, including physical surveillance, audio and video recordings. Our team will ensure that your experience is as painless as possible, all our work is professional, discreet, efficient, and accurate.

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International Child Custody Investigations

Child Protection Issues Scotland

Dion international is dedicated to fathers who feel they are being alienated from their children.  If you have genuine concerns about the welfare of your child, Dion International can help you get back to maintaining a loving relationship with your child.  Enquiries are treated strictly private and confidential and all operations throughout Scotland will be conducted within the law. Our child custody private investigators are qualified to the national standard level 3 for professional investigators and Dion International hold all essential insurances, are registered with the information commissioners office and as such conform with the data protection act.

Our Child Custody Investigations have been conducted both nationally and internationally with excellent results. There’s no question that child custody cases in a family court can be tough, both parents want what they feel is best for their children, and they are often unhappy with the court’s decision. The evidence provided by our expert investigators can help support your case.

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What is a Child Custody Investigation?

Irrefutable Legal Evidence in Matters of a Child Custody case

It involves observing parenting in its entirety, paying particular attention to any aspects of care and interaction that are lacking or harmful. The safety of children is always at the core of any investigation, and any concerns about neglect, ill-treatment or drug or alcohol abuse in the carer are carefully documented and managed by our investigators. The court will receive admissible evidence after the investigation is complete, and our investigators can provide legal evidence in court based on the finding of the investigation.

If required family members, relatives and friends can be interviewed, and background checks conducted.  In any child custody investigation, protecting the welfare of the child is paramount, our child custody investigator is trained to look for signs of problematic behaviour such as signs of drug and alcohol abuse, criminal activity, gambling, reckless driving, and any other issues that may endanger the child’s welfare.

Do I need a Child Custody Investigation Undertaken?

Hiring A Private Investigator to gather evidence for physical custody 

You may have concerns about your partner’s care for your child. There is typically considerable tension during a separation, which leads to accusations being made. We can provide unbiased evidence of concerns about the care your child is receiving that you can present to a court.  If you want peace of mind, we can provide that.  Our child custody private investigator can conduct an investigation into your ex-partner’s lifestyle, parenting style, and ability to provide adequate care for the child if you have doubts regarding their ability to do so.

False accusations of neglect or abuse have been made against you. This is sometimes done to limit the amount of time someone spends with your child. A private investigator’s work can help disprove false allegations and ensure you are able to enjoy spending the appropriate amount of time with your child.  A child custody investigation may benefit you in court. If you feel you may need such an investigation, call one of our team members now to discuss what we can do for you.

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Private & Confidential Child Custody Investigations

How To Instruct A Private Investigator in Scotland?


Contact one of our child custody investigators in Scotland by telephone, email, live chat or complete and submit the enquiry form.


Dion International Ltd is registered with the information commissioners office and as such conform with the data protection act.


The agreed costs will be cleared before we proceed with your service.  We have various payment methods available.


At the conclusion of your investigation, we will provide you with a fully admissible report, complete with all documented evidence.

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