Event and Venue security services in Scotland

In the heart of Scotland, amidst its majestic landscapes and historic architecture, lies a culture that celebrates a plethora of events. Be it the resonance of cultural festivals, the poised atmosphere of private gatherings, or the structured realm of corporate seminars; each event stands as a testament to human connection and celebration. Yet, with every event comes a myriad of complexities, paramount among them being the matter of security. Enter Dion International—a name synonymous with trust, precision, and unwavering commitment to safeguarding your events.

Security isn’t merely about having personnel on-site or installing surveillance equipment. It’s a multifaceted discipline, blending human intuition with technological prowess. In the context of events, this complexity is further heightened by factors like the scale of the gathering, nature of the attendees, location nuances, and potential risks. No two events share the same security blueprint.


With our vast experience in the Scottish security landscape, Dion International has carved a niche in understanding and delivering tailored security solutions. But what truly sets us apart?


For Dion International, our contracts go beyond paper. They are a testament to the trust our clients place in us—a trust we’re determined to honour. We believe that our duty doesn’t end with the successful management of an event but extends to establishing long-standing relationships built on reliability and mutual respect.

Safety isn’t a mere word in our lexicon; it’s a principle we’re anchored to. Here’s a deeper look into our approach:

Proactive Crowd Management: Beyond ensuring smooth entry and exit points, our team is trained in behavioural analysis. This allows us to identify and neutralise potential disturbances even before they manifest.

Swift Emergency Response: Time is of the essence in any security breach. Our teams are primed for rapid response, ensuring that any incident, however minor, is addressed with utmost urgency.

VIP and Executive Protection: Events often host dignitaries or public figures, necessitating an added layer of security. Dion International excels in providing discreet yet effective protection for such high-profile attendees.


Events, in all their diversity, share a common thread—the need for safety. In a world marked by unpredictabilities, the significance of meticulous event security cannot be overstated. And as you plan your next gathering, whether in the vibrant streets of Edinburgh or the serene landscapes of the Highlands, know that Dion International stands ready. Ready to not just protect, but to partner in creating moments that are cherished and celebrated, free from the shadows of concerns.

For an event that embodies perfection in planning and execution, and resonates with the harmony of safety and celebration, Dion International remains your trusted ally. Engage with us, and experience the gold standard of event security in Scotland.

Dion International’s security teams have extensive knowledge of Scotland and cover localities, such as Edinburgh, Dumfries, Glasgow, North Berwick, Fife, Perth, Dundee, Oban, Aberdeen, The Scottish Borders and Inverness.


After your free consultation, we will provide you with an estimate built around a number of factors such as, the task complexity, number of officers required, hours on task, location of task and any other special requirements. Typical hospitality security costs start at £25.00 per hour. Daily rate packages are available if you decide to make us your primary security provider.
Thank you very much for expressing your interest in our services. It is our pleasure to provide you with exceptional and professional security services in Scotland. We prioritise the well-being and protection of our operatives, and thus, we cannot compromise our values regarding bargaining. Our aim is always to deliver the highest quality services, with a team of highly competent security officers who are dedicated to ensuring that we meet your needs and exceed your expectations. Thank you once again for your consideration, and we look forward to the opportunity of working with you.
Yes, our security officers from government agency backgrounds are qualified and have up-to date licences with the SIA, while Dion International maintains all necessary insurances and is registered with the Information Commissioner's Office.