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At Dion International, our tracing agents in Scotland strive to maintain an extremely high success rate, working efficiently on your behalf with a team of professional private investigators. We specialise in locating missing persons, long lost family members, friends, witnesses, and recovering debts.

When trying to find people at an address in the UK or find an address from a phone number in the UK Dion International offer a comprehensive and thorough people finder service for tracing missing people throughout Scotland, the UK and Europe. Our state of the art people search database is second to none and not available to the general public, which assists our highly experienced people-finder tracing agents to successfully locate people with minimal information.


Partner of Choice

Partner of choice for a number of highly respected establishments throughout Scotland and the UK from corporate to legal firms.

Experienced Operatives

Professional operatives throughout Scotland who can conduct a wide range of services for clients throughout the UK and abroad.

Specialist Services

Proven experience and actionable intelligence give us on the ground traction across a variety of sectors throughout Scotland and the UK.

International Reach

Connections throughout the world which puts us in a better position than most when dealing with various clients and tasks internationally.

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Professional People Searcher UK

A people search or person search tracing service is used to locate an individual who has left the last known address in Scotland and their current whereabouts are unknown. Our expert people search specialist tracing agents in Scotland use a number of methods and facilities to locate the present address of any missing individual.

Once our tracing agent locates the missing person we have field agents and surveillance operatives available in Scotland who can attend the identified property and confirm who occupies the residence for your peace of mind.

In order to become your go-to tracing agent, we will tailor our service to meet your specific needs and requirements.

Our tracing agents can locate Birthparents, Relatives, Friends, Debtors, Business Associates and Ex-Partners.

Tracing Agents Scotland

Experienced Tracing Agents
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Dion International utilise a multitude of resources when searching for UK people and we can go far deeper than just checking an electoral roll register. Our tracing agents know where to look and how to legally obtain the relevant information that has been requested from public records when finding someone in Scotland, which may include, online profiles, criminal records, photos, assets, address information, phone numbers, civil judgments, properties owned, social media profiles, and much more.

Our tracing agency in Scotland is happy to help with difficult searches where other tracing agencies in Scotland may be unable or unwilling to help due to the amount of searching involved. The more information we have available to us the more likely we will obtain the requested information. The minimum information we ask when searching for UK people is a name, date of birth and last known address. Our tracing agents can also conduct searches on UK phone numbers to find an address.


We believe in providing a high-quality service at a reasonable price. In addition to delivering top-notch service, quick turnaround times, and competitive pricing, we strive to exceed our clients’ expectations. Our tracing agents have successfully located people throughout the UK and overseas for over a decade. They have the skills to handle the most difficult instructions and have a 94% success rate.

Our knowledgeable tracing agents in Scotland have access to the best information on people in the UK. We also offer a No trace no-fee service, which means if we’re not able to find the person during our search, you don’t pay.  Our people search process in the UK is simple and will be tailored to your specific needs.

In most cases, a client will request the address of a person, while others need phone numbers and email addresses and some prefer to combine this with other information, such as CCJs, homeownership details and background checks.

A tracing agent will use both legal and ethical methods when searching for a missing person, long lost family and friends, witnesses and helping to recover debts.  They find links and leads with minimal details.  Our trace department can locate phone numbers, current addresses and more. A lead may come from a telephone number, a name, or a previous address.

Dion International provide daily rate packages for our tracing services, with this option you will know exactly what you are paying from the beginning with no surprises.  Costs start from £99 for bulk instructions and could go cheaper depending on if you appoint us as your trace provider.  Our most popular is the no trace no fee option at £249.

 Any additional fees incurred on the job (such as parking, entry fees, etc) will be charged upon completion of the operation.  

Please note you are paying us for our time not if we get a hit, result, unless you take out the no trace no fee option.

This is why our no trace no fee option is popular, if you do go for this option then if we can't obtain the desired information then you pay nothing.

Yes, A report will be provided on completion of our investigation if required.

If you cancel then we will refund the full amount of your money if we have not started your trace, if we have started then we would require 50% of the agreed price which will depend on what option you decided to choose in your initial free consultation.

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