Entering the realm of private investigations can seem intimidating for those reaching out for the first time. Yet, with our seasoned team at the helm, we aim to simplify the process, ensuring that your journey with us is smooth and hassle-free. Over the years, we’ve adeptly managed myriad cases, easing concerns and addressing unique challenges.

Choosing to employ a private investigator often presents a quandary. Unlike picking a product from a store shelf, each investigative case is distinct, with costs varying based on their uniqueness and the expertise of the agency in question.

The total fee for an inquiry largely hinges on the duration of the investigation, the nature of services rendered, and the investigator’s expertise.

This guide offers an overview of the estimated costs of engaging a private investigator. For a detailed assessment or to address any queries, we invite you to connect with us.

Which Services Can You Expect from a Detective Agency? Private investigators play a pivotal role in discreetly gathering intelligence. At Dion International, our spectrum of services encompasses:

  • Covert Surveillance
  • Hidden Camera Setups
  • TSCM Operations/Bug Detection
  • GPS Monitoring
  • Individual Locating
  • Fraud Investigations
  • Computer Forensics
  • Background Checks
  • Process Serving
  • Counter Espionage

Each service has its own cost structure and may require varying lengths of engagement. For instance, covert monitoring could last a few days to uncover personal indiscretions or span several months for corporate fraud detection.

Average Costs of a Private Investigator in Scotland Typically, investigators in Scotland charge between £35 and £75 per hour (+ VAT), with additional charges for travel at £0.60p per mile. We accept most major credit cards. Setting us apart from our peers, we prioritise swift and effective results without undue extensions. We value the importance of gathering evidence for both criminal and civil legal processes.

For a tailored estimate, please fill out our “Get A Quote” form detailing your specific requirements.

It’s worth noting that while fees may vary among agencies, the quality of service often follows suit. Renowned for our unparalleled efficacy, Dion International is the go-to for those in search of top-tier investigators in Scotland. Fully licensed and operational across the UK, we never compromise by outsourcing to lesser-qualified entities.

Breakdown of Private Detective Fees in Your Region

  • Surveillance Charges: Our covert surveillance services start at £50 per hour and for corporate surveillance £75 per hours (minimum 4 hours), with adjustments made based on the number of operatives, equipment used, and duration. Comprehensive packages, inclusive of photographs, videos, and reports, are available from £500 per day.
  • Hidden CCTV Pricing: Covert camera installations start at £45 daily, with variations depending on the investigation’s longevity and locale.
  • Process Serving Pricing: Our fees range from £80 to £175, which covers up to three legal document delivery attempts. Additional costs might accrue for travel, printing, and legal statements.
  • People Tracing Fees: Ranging from £99 to £249, our tracing service operates on a no-success, no-charge premise. The final fee is influenced by the initial information provided.
  • Vehicle Monitoring Pricing: Starting at £45 daily, this fee varies based on the scope and location of the investigation.
  • Bug Detection Pricing: Initiating at £500, the costs escalate depending on the area covered, rooms inspected, and the complexity involved.

What Does a Private Investigator Retainer Mean? Retaining a private investigator ensures that we dedicate specific hours weekly or monthly to your case, as agreed during our initial discussion. This approach often simplifies the management of intricate investigations, making it economical in the process.

Are We Open to Price Matching? While we pride ourselves on competitive pricing, it’s reflective of our team’s unparalleled skills and expertise. We pledge adequate resources, technology, and time to guarantee exceptional results.

At Dion International, we recognise the profound trust clients place in us when embarking on investigations. Globally, clients vouch for our discreet yet professional approach to unveiling truths. Engaging with Dion International might just be the most cost-effective decision you make.

Please note we offer long-term contract discounts and the above prices are basic rates and can vary based on specific requirements, the duration of service, and any additional services you might need.