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Private Investigator Costs
Private Investigator Costs

Private Investigator Costs Scotland

We understand the sensitivities involved when contacting an investigations company for the first time and for some people this can be daunting but please be assured our experienced team will guide you through the process and options relating to your case, having dealt with all types of cases over the years we will make this as painless as possible.

Hiring a private investigator can be a tough choice for some as it’s difficult to know how much the service is going to cost before hiring a detective agency.  Hiring a private detective isn’t like going out to the supermarket and buying a product off the shelf as no two cases are the same and all investigations are different and you also need to take into consideration the level of experience of the detective agency you instruct.

The final cost of an investigation will be determined by the amount of time spent on the case,  The service that is being carried out, and the level of the experience of the private investigator.

In this price guide, we will give you the rough costs of hiring a private investigator and if you have any questions or would like to discuss your investigative needs more please contact us where we will be able to give you a more accurate quote.

Services provided by a private investigator

A private investigator or private detective agency is a person or group of individuals that are hired to find out information often in a covert way.  At Dion International, we offer a wide range of private investigation services which include:

  • Covert Surveillance
  • Covert Camera Installation
  • TSCM Sweeps/ Bug Sweeping Services
  • GPS Tracking
  • People Search
  • Process Serving
  • Computer and Device Forensics
  • Background Checks

As you can see from the list above all of these services will require varying amounts of time along and will incur different expenses on our behalf.  A covert surveillance project for example could run for a week to catch a cheating spouse or it could run for months trying to catch an employee committing fraud.

How much does a private investigator cost in Scotland?

Private investigator fees on average range between £35 per hour and £75 per hour (+ VAT) and mileage is charged at £0.60p per mile.  All major credit cards are accepted.  While that may seem expensive, unlike other private investigator agencies we get the job done in a proficient and timely manner.  We won’t drag the job out to run up fees and we know the importance of the investigative process when it comes to evidence collection so that the evidence required is up to standard and can be used in both criminal and civil courts of law.

The best way to get the most accurate quote would be to complete the “Get A Quote” form on this website to explain your investigative needs.  However, with that said we can give you a range of prices to let you know roughly how much our investigations would cost you.

Fees for private detective agencies can vary from one agency to another and the quality of service can too.  Typically our clients don’t hire us for being the cheapest detective agency but hire us because we have a great track record of getting results. If you are looking for private investigators in Scotland that get results please contact us.  We are fully insured, work throughout the UK, and don’t outsource cases to other less abled contractors as other firms do.

Private Investigator Costs Near Me


Surveillance fees

Our fees for covert surveillance services start at £50 per hour (4 Hours Minimum) but can change depending on the number of agents needed, specialist equipment needed, and the time of day where surveillance is needed.  Our rates include photographic stills and video on request along with written reports.  Surveillance packages are available for cases that will require more time and start from £36 per hour.

Covert CCTV

Our fees for the deployment of covert visual surveillance systems start at £45 per day and further costs will depend on the duration of the investigation.

Process serving costs

Our process serving service costs between £80 and £175 which includes 3 attempts to deliver your legal documents.  Extra charges may apply for mileage, the number of pages required to be printed and Affidavits.  We work throughout Scotland If you require a reliable process server.

People search costs

Our people tracing service costs between £99 and £249 no trace no-fee option.  Which will depend on the information provided to us at the beginning of the investigation.

Vehicle tracking costs

Vehicle tracking and GPS services start at £45 per day and further costs will depend on the duration of the investigation.

Bug sweeping costs

Our bug sweeping service starts at £400 and prices can rise depending on the size of the sweep, rooms swept, and complexity of the situation.  Please get in touch to discuss your bug sweeping needs where we can give you a more accurate estimate.

What is a private investigator retainer?

A private investigator retainer is when you would hire us for a set amount of hours, usually each week or month and we would work for those set hours agreed during your first initial consultation.  A retainer is a great way of handling more complex investigative cases while keeping the money spent on our services affordable to you.

Can you price match another Private Detective Agency?

Our private investigator fees are competitive and are a result of the experience of our operatives.  Our fees are put in place so we have enough manpower, equipment and time to get you the best result possible.

Dion International have the experience to appreciate the sensitivities involved in asking for help with an investigation. We’re trusted by many clients around the globe to carry out discreet and professional services in order to uncover the truth.  You will be surprised by how much our investigators can achieve, hiring Dion International may cost less than you think.

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