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Dion International, are a leading private investigator and detective agency based in Edinburgh that provides private investigation services throughout, the UK, and abroad. Our professional private investigators are highly experienced in private, commercial, and corporate investigations and each has a diverse range of skills developed from military and police backgrounds, which enables us to handpick the right skill set of private investigator to competently conduct your investigation.

Our private investigators in Edinburgh can offer a wide range of services and assist clients internationally with sensitive private investigations and stressful business disputes. All private investigations conducted in Edinburgh, the UK and abroad are executed by our specially selected in-house Edinburgh private investigators, meaning you can rest assured when instructing Dion International that your investigation is handled in the most professional, discreet and cost-effective way possible.

Forward Thinking

A forward-thinking private investigations company always adapting to new methods to provide clients with the best investigation service possible.


Providing world-class professional private investigators around the globe for private, corporate and commercial clients in all environments.


Specialist covert services conducted by a highly trained tactical team of professional investigators coming from British military and police backgrounds.

Uncover the Truth

International covert surveillance and intelligence gathering company for clients around the world who are in need of special covert operations.
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Private Investigator Services Edinburgh

Professional Private Investigator Edinburgh and International Private Detective Agency

With Dion International Private Detective Agency, You’ll Have No More Worries!

Surveillance Investigations private investigator

Covert Surveillance Edinburgh

Whether you require assistance with infidelity, fraud Investigations or child custody matters in Edinburgh, our private investigator can utilise professional investigation services throughout the UK. This includes male and female private investigators that form our surveillance teams to obtain evidential footage of matrimonial infidelity to lifestyle checks and peace of mind. Every case is different, so we only deploy the services for your exact situation to obtain the required evidence.

Business Car tracker & fleet Tracking solution

Vehicle & Asset Protection

Our private investigators in Edinburgh undertake vehicle tracking for clients throughout the UK. utilising state-of-the-art equipment that can be hidden covertly by our operatives assigned to the investigation for the duration of the agreed period. We will not provide login details for any client to access this system. Please note that as a stand-alone service, this is an aid but using a combination of GPS devices and surveillance, our evidence is clear, irrefutable, and fully admissible.

corporate fraud private investigator

Workplace Fraud Edinburgh

Are you concerned about theft in the workplace? Or that your premises are bugged? Our Edinburgh private detectives perform corporate investigations and deliver solid evidence and peace of mind to you, the business owner. Specialist investigators may be called upon to curtail internal theft and deal with a fraud investigation, due diligence, computer forensics, intellectual property, background checks and sexual harassment issues, or overseas operations. Contact our private investigator now.

Employee disputes investigations Dion International UK

Employee Disputes Edinburgh

In small and big businesses, trust is sometimes abused. In criminal court cases and tribunals, our private investigators have provided irrefutable evidence of employee absenteeism and sickness and assistance with background checks and commercial and private property disputes.  Proving theft from your business in Edinburgh needs to be done with precision. Our professional private detectives are highly trained and experienced in using various skills and technology to gain solid evidence.

rural surveillance private investigations

Rural Surveillance Edinburgh

Covert rural surveillance is a specialist skill that takes years of training to perfect, Our ex-military private investigators in Edinburgh are experts in the field and have laid low in the ground for weeks to gather evidence. They have the highest standards of discipline and go far beyond any competitor to secure clear evidence. Every job is executed with precision, discretion, efficiency and professionalism. Dion International is deployed throughout Edinburgh for businesses large and small.

Bug Sweep private investigator

TSCM - Bug Sweeps Edinburgh

It’s understandably a distressing thought when you believe that someone may have bugged your property to secretly record you where you expect a reasonable level of privacy. If you believe that your home, car or office may be electronically bugged, it is likely very difficult to feel safe and at ease. A bug or recording device allows eavesdroppers to learn intimate details about your life and even to use those details to their own advantage either on a private or commercial level in Edinburgh.

Corporate Espionage Investigator Scotland

Counter Espionage Edinburgh

As a company owner, it can be difficult to know how to investigate employees safely and without damaging a valued working relationship. If your employee is showing signs that they might be trading corporate secrets, it is important to be able to investigate discreetly, without making it common knowledge and alerting the suspect.  Dion International is equipped with specialised knowledge to support a proportional response to any suspected corporate or industrial espionage in Edinburgh.

people searcher Scotland

People searcher Edinburgh

A people search or person search tracing service is used to locate an individual who has left the last known address in Scotland and their current whereabouts are unknown. Our expert people search specialist tracing agents in Scotland use a number of methods and facilities to locate the present address of any missing individual.  Once our tracing agent locates the person we have field agents available in Edinburgh who can attend to the identified property for your peace of mind.

Private Investigator

Enquiry Agents Edinburgh

Dion International are reputable enquiry agents in Edinburgh, providing field enquiries throughout Scotland.  Dion International undertake all types of general enquiry work, these include door knocks, residency checks, occupancy checks, witness statements and document verification.  Whatever your dilemma, whether it’s a financial or a personal problem, Dio International can provide you with answers.  Every job is executed with precision, discretion, efficiency and professionalism.

matrimonial surveilance investigator Edinburgh

Matrimonial Edinburgh

Matrimonial investigations in Edinburgh, and big life decisions, are best made when they’re based on facts. Our Edinburgh private investigators are discreet, efficient and non-judgmental. We operate professionally and within the law to glean clear undeniable evidence. Using techniques such as surveillance and financial investigations to uncover other relationships, obligations, hidden children, criminal pasts or bad debts, we can help you gain peace of mind contact our pi agency now.

Child protection Private investigators

Child Custody Edinburgh

Emotional dilemmas involving children are hard to deal with.  A private investigator can help by gleaning clear, irrefutable evidence in any personal or legal case involving children. Dion International is dedicated to fathers in Edinburgh that feel alienated from their children. If you have genuine concerns about your child’s welfare our private investigators can help you get back to maintaining a loving relationship with your child. Contact a private investigator Edinburgh now.

cheating partner private investigations

Cheating Partner Edinburgh

If you suspect your partner is cheating in Edinburgh, it can feel like mental torture. Our private investigators in Edinburgh can help stop the pain by showing you proof of your partner’s movements and provide peace of mind. Why is Dion international private investigator agency in Edinburgh considered Scotland’s best surveillance operatives? Because we are highly experienced and execute every job with precision, discretion, efficiency, and professionalism.

Cohabitation private investigations

Cohabitation Edinburgh

Is someone claiming to live alone in Edinburgh, and you know otherwise? There are many reasons that may require proof of cohabitation in the UK, a high number of these are carried out for matrimonial purposes or individuals who do not notify their local authority or council of an alteration associated with benefits applications in Edinburgh. Allow Dion International private investigators to obtain proof of cohabitation in the UK through an investigation that verifies all the facts.

Professional witness private investigator Dion

Professional Witness Edinburgh

If you want to remain anonymous, you can instruct a professional witness investigator Edinburgh at Dion International to gather evidence.  The huge advantage of hiring a private investigator in Edinburgh is that someone who doesn’t live locally can be the one to give evidence which means that neither you nor anyone in your local community will become a target of intimidation or harassment.  Allow Dion International to conduct private investigation work when reporting anti-social behaviour.

process server professional investigator

Process Servers Edinburgh

Service needs to be carried out by assertive, reliable, and trustworthy agents throughout the United Kingdom. That’s why legal firms contact us to carry out their process serving needs. Our private detectives ensure every job is executed with precision, efficiency, and in a timely manner. We strive to get all instructions complete within a 24hr period. We provide a statement of service and provide affidavits for an additional fee. In Edinburgh, we will provide 3 attempts at service.

Leading Private investigator Agency For Covert Surveillance Investigations throughout Edinburgh

Our professional investigators treat every case with a unique approach and fresh thinking

Dion International offers a wide range of services throughout the United Kingdom, from witness statements, fraud investigation, background checks, due diligence, finding missing persons investigations, tracing debtors, covert CCTV intelligence investigations and surveillance operations. Our professional investigators and covert surveillance teams in Edinburgh are well trained and disciplined to know what is required for effectively accomplishing all set objectives. Surveillance is considered one of the best investigative approaches when researching an individual’s day-to-day behaviour, movements, and general lifestyle. The ultimate objectives are obtaining crucial information, evidence gathering and doing so in an incredibly covert but legal way.


Leading Edinburgh Private detectives

Undercover surveillance and missing persons investigation specialists

Hiring a private investigator does not violate any rules of law, in the UK. However, there is certain conduct that private investigators cannot engage in or else they will be violating the law. You should check with the private investigator, before you hire them, that they follow all the rules and laws for private investigation.  Following a set of rules and procedures with individual discretion, private investigators in Edinburgh can ensure that all investigative work is completed to the highest standard and is fully admissible in a court of law. The investigative techniques utilised by a private investigator can differ from one company to another. However, most companies will use various methods to obtain information for either individual or corporate purposes.  

Static Surveillance – Undertaken by one operative.  Carefully positioned outside a property and will film and record the movements of a person, or persons at an address or location in the UK.  Mobile Surveillance – When required to follow a person/persons. Undertaken by a team, whether that be two, three, four or more.  We have the capabilities of utilising various vehicles applicable to the job and all the latest technology and equipment to capture the required evidence for our clients throughout the UK.  Rural Surveillance  – Required when tasked to monitor a scenario while in a rural area. Depending on the circumstances, this can usually be conducted by one private investigator.

A private investigator is often useful for a number or reasons, but when a case or claim is necessary in a court of law, these professionals are invaluable at finding information and revealing the whereabouts of needed witnesses. It is important to contact a private investigator in Edinburgh when anything that requires extensive research or surveillance is involved.

There are no two cases alike, and to determine the cost, several factors must be considered, including methods of delivery, number of hours, number of operatives to be provided for the investigation to be conducted professionally, mileage, and any other special resources required for the investigation to succeed.  Typical private investigator costs in Edinburgh are between £35.00 - £125.00 per hour.

At Dion International, we pride ourselves on being an honest and reputable private detective agency that only uses legal procedures on all private investigations in Edinburgh. Our private detectives conduct investigations for private, commercial, corporate clients and local authorities on sensitive personal disputes and stressful business matters. Our Edinburgh private detectives gain valuable insight into evaluating legal intelligence, which can assist in gaining a better understanding and assist us with our investigations, making this cost-effective for the client.

Professional Private Investigators Edinburgh and private detective services

So What Next? How To Instruct A Private Investigator in Edinburgh


Contact one of our private investigator in Edinburgh to conduct an investigation in the UK or abroad by telephone, email, live chat or complete and submit the enquiry form provided throughout the website for a free no-obligation consultation.


Once our private investigators receive your instructions we will inform you if we can help.  Relevant documentation will require completion and submission. We will then form a plan and if you’re happy we can commence your investigation.


Private investigator costs will be cleared before any investigation commences in Edinburgh the UK or abroad.  We can best advise and provide recommendations during the investigation, but ultimately, the final decision is yours.


At the conclusion of your investigation in Edinburgh the UK and abroad, we will provide fully admissible reports, complete with all documented evidence, photographic stills and personalised DVD can also be provided on request.


Serving you throughout Edinburgh with attention and integrity 

Dion International private detectives have extensive local knowledge of Edinburgh inside and out from every dark close, residential area, office block and industrial estate within the city centre and surrounding areas. Our areas stretch from South Queensferry to Berwick, we cover East Lothian localities, such as, Musselburgh, Tranent, Haddington and Dunbar. West Lothian localities, such as, Livingston, Bathgate, Whitburn and Armadale. The Borders, such as, Hawick, Galashiels, Jedburgh and Duns.

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