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Trusted globally and hailed as the leading private investigator in Fife, Dion International has built a solid reputation by delivering efficient and effective solutions. Each private investigator at Dion International has the knowledge, expertise, and resources our clients need and trust.

As the leading private investigator in Fife we are on call 24/7 to assist you. Contact us now on 0131 212 5900.

These values guide our actions and decisions, ensuring that we always deliver the best service to our clients while maintaining high ethical standards



Dion International stands as the preferred private investigation agency across Fife and the UK, serving an extensive clientele, including corporate entities, private individuals, legal firms, housing associations, and local authorities. Our team consists of highly experienced private investigators, each boasting a unique skill set honed from military, intelligence, and police backgrounds.

  • Covert Surveillance
  • People Searcher
  • Technical Bug Sweeps
  • 24/7 Control Room


Intelligence & Surveillance Fife

In Fife, find bespoke solutions to personal dilemmas with Dion International. Whether you’re dealing with matrimonial issues, infidelity, fraud investigations, or child custody cases, our professionals are equipped to handle a wide range of services across the UK and beyond. Our covert surveillance teams obtain crucial evidence of infidelity, conduct lifestyle checks, and offer peace of mind. Remember, each case is unique, and we adapt our services to your specific needs.

Our highly trained investigators specialise in uncovering facts to guide your decision-making. Be it a spouse displaying unusual behaviour, a child possibly interacting with harmful influences or missing funds from business accounts – our investigators deliver clear, undeniable proof to tackle these issues effectively.

Surveillance is at the core of 95% of our cases in Fife because our experts consistently discover evidence where others fail. Our teams, with their strong military or police backgrounds, expertly blend into crowds, track individuals unnoticed, and undercover at various venues. They work lawfully, discreetly, and swiftly to provide you with comprehensive facts.

Tracing Agent Fife

With a staggering 94% success rate, Dion International stands out in the global arena of tracing people. Whether you’re searching for a missing parent, a long-lost child, a former partner, or an old friend, we alleviate your stress by taking on the search. Our investigators’ experience, diligence, and unyielding determination make us excel where others fail.

Matrimonial & Cheating Partner Investigations Fife

Suspecting infidelity can induce immense emotional stress. Dion International’s detectives in Fife can alleviate your pain by providing concrete proof of your partner’s activities.  Our reputation as Fife’s top covert surveillance operatives stems from our extensive experience and exceptional training, enabling us to operate with precision, discretion, efficiency, and professionalism.

Child Custody Investigations Fife

Dealing with emotional situations involving children can be an overwhelming experience. Dion International assists by providing clear, undeniable evidence in personal or legal cases involving children. Our highly skilled investigators are trained to handle sensitive cases, ensuring your child’s safety while providing you with the facts you need to protect their best interests. Whether it’s establishing a secure environment, verifying compliance with court-ordered arrangements, or identifying potential neglect or abuse, we’re here to support you in preserving your child’s well-being.

Private Investigator Fife

We have extensive local knowledge of every dark close, residential area, office block and industrial estate throughout the Kingdom of Fife from Dunfermline city centre to the cobbled streets of St Andrews and the coastal villages in the East Neuk.  If you require a professional private investigator in the Kingdom of Fife, contact Dion International now on 0131 212 5900.



Dion International is proud to announce its successful completion of over a decade in the private investigations industry. We have achieved this milestone thanks to our unwavering commitment to professionalism, hard work and high ethical standards. Our efforts have resulted in consistent growth and have secured our position as one of the leading executive private investigation agencies in Fife.

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Our department finds effective solutions to problems through proven strategies and treat every operation with a unique approach and fresh thinking.

Corporate and Commercial Clients Fife

Dion International extends a broad range of services to corporate and commercial clients. Our services include meticulous employee investigations, thorough background checks, strategic counterespionage, and in-depth due diligence investigations. We aim to foster a secure business environment, mitigate internal and external risks, and support your company’s growth and stability. Trust our experienced team to provide the crucial insights you need for informed business operations.

Workplace Fraud Investigations Fife

At Dion International, we understand that trust can be exploited in any business, large or small. We have a track record of providing incontrovertible evidence of employee absenteeism, sickness, and various commercial, housing, and property disputes in court cases and tribunals.  To uncover theft within your business, our skilled team applies precision, professionalism, and modern technology to gather solid evidence. From insurance fraud to employee and financial fraud, our investigators are well-versed in tackling all types. Let us identify fraudulent employees and equip you with irrefutable proof for your day in court.

Due Diligence Fife

Our due diligence services at Dion International offer comprehensive investigations for businesses. We dig deep, conducting meticulous background checks on potential partners, clients, or investment opportunities. Our aim is to equip you with all the necessary information to mitigate risk, safeguard your financial interests, and enable confident decision-making. We examine financial records, legal history, business operations, reputation analysis, and more, providing a detailed report to support your business choices.

Background Checks Fife

We provide comprehensive background checks for individuals and businesses at Dion International. Our extensive search includes employment history, education verification, credit checks, and more. Whether you’re an employer seeking to verify potential hires, an individual exploring a new relationship, or a landlord checking prospective tenants, our detailed background checks provide a clear picture to assist you in making informed decisions.

We perform over 180 Successful COVERT operations every year
Corporate Security and Investigation services Scotland and the UK

Effective corporate investigation services Fife

We offer a comprehensive range of executive investigation services designed around top quality and high standards. Our mission is to safeguard you, your business, assets, and people while maintaining the highest professional standards expected of any world-class organisation. As a full-service private investigations company in Fife, our investigation services provide high standards of integrity and excellence.

  • Insider risk
  • Bug Sweeps
  • Covert Surveillance
  • Penetration Tests
  • Counter Espionage
  • Rural Surveillance


We are confident in our ability to meet and exceed expectations.

Litigation Support Fife

Dion International’s litigation support services are designed to bolster your case in court. We provide critical evidence gathering, prepare witness statements, and help develop effective case strategies. Whether you’re involved in personal disputes, commercial litigation, or criminal defence, our team works closely with legal counsel to deliver comprehensive support that can make the difference between winning and losing a case.

Process Server Fife

At Dion International, our team of process servers is assertive, reliable, and trustworthy. Whether you need to serve summons, writs, or any other legal documents, we ensure your legal process serving needs are met promptly and professionally. With most cases completed within a tight 24-hour time frame, our agents maintain the efficiency that your legal proceedings require, serving the documents whilst adhering to all legal guidelines.

Evidence Gathering Fife

Dion International excels in evidence gathering, employing state-of-the-art technology and innovative techniques. From surveillance footage and witness statements to digital data and document analysis, we ensure the information we gather is accurate, reliable, and legally admissible. Whether it’s for personal cases, business disputes, or legal proceedings, we deliver solid, undeniable evidence to support your claims.



At Dion International, we only employ the most skilled operatives who have extensive experience in challenging environments around the world. Our operatives come from British ex-forces, police or intelligence backgrounds, ensuring that our clients receive the highest level of service from individuals with exceptional training and expertise.


We initiate each case with a thorough subject analysis before field deployment, which is a cost-effective strategy that maximises your budget. By collecting intelligence to pinpoint the optimal time for deployment, we reduce ground time, ensuring efficient service and cost minimisation. Our Fife private investigators provide a comprehensive range of services, assisting clients worldwide with sensitive private investigations and complex business disputes. Whether you're based in Scotland, the rest of the UK, or overseas, all our private investigations are conducted by our carefully chosen in-house investigators. By choosing Dion International, you are entrusting your case to a team that handles every investigation with the utmost professionalism, discretion, and cost-effectiveness. Our private investigators in Fife are trained to industry-leading standards, with decades of experience managing sensitive private investigations and complex business-related matters. For a reliable and confidential private investigation service in Fife, contact Dion International today for a free consultation.
Contact us. To instruct Dion International to conduct your investigation in Fife please call, email, or complete and submit the contact form provided throughout the website for a free no-obligation consultation. Instructions received. On receiving your correspondence, we will let you know if we can help you or not. If we believe using our services would benefit you, we will then ask you to see our published rates on our pricing page. Once you have reviewed the costs that are relevant to your case and you're happy to proceed, we will then ask you to complete the required paperwork and submit this back to us. On receiving your completed form, we will then form a plan of action and present this to you. If you’re happy with our proposal, then we're ready to commence your investigation. Investigation. All clients will be asked to clear the agreed balance before any investigation commences, be it in Fife, the UK or abroad. We have various payment methods available. At Dion International we prefer to have as much notice as possible to plan an operation, however, we have professional investigators strategically placed across Fife which enables us to mount any successful operation in only a couple of hours. During the investigation you will be updated from start to finish by our investigators on the ground. If required, we can best advise and provide recommendations during the investigation but ultimately you have total control at all times. Conclusion. On conclusion of your investigation in Fife, we will provide you with a fully admissible report complete with any documented evidence and photographic stills. A personalised DVD can also be provided on request. A final invoice of any mileage and expenses incurred during the investigation will be cleared before we release your report.
• Type private investigator near me in the search bar • Head to the three-pack map section (This is where you will hopefully find a local private investigator agency) • Click on the website and find the home page of that site, at the footer you will see the correct address for the business. • Make sure you check the reviews, these can be easily spammed. Click on one of the names to see if the same person has provided a review for the same company in multiple locations throughout the UK. (Note most private investigation companies won’t have hundreds of reviews as most will likely work with people who don’t want their details, business and personal life spread over the internet) Here is a link to our review profile on google: Reviews • When you find an investigations company you believe to be near you, call them but listen out for the accent. (Note not all will be hundreds of miles away if they don’t have a local accent) • Ask if you can attend the office to meet in person. Dion International will meet with clients in Edinburgh where we are based. (Please note this will be charged at a fee and an appointment is required)


Dion International is a well-established, known and trusted private detective agency in Fife, offering bespoke solutions for both complex corporate and sensitive private matters in the UK and abroad.
From large enterprises to local businesses and private clients we offer professional executive solutions all under one roof.