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Private Investigator Near Me – Local Private Detectives in Scotland

It takes only a few minutes to search online for private investigator agencies near me, which include everything from top-tier businesses to amateur detectives hoping to make some extra money on the weekend.

Private Investigators Near Me – Scottish Private Investigators For Hire

Private investigators can provide other services in your area, including background checks, surveillance work, and locating missing persons to surveillance patrols to deter anti-social behaviour. Private investigators may work for private individuals, companies or law firms and most private detectives have some form of government agency training.

If you are considering searching for a private investigator near me, you’ll want to check their credentials and memberships before you pay for their services. Always ask for references and examples of past cases when talking to private investigator agencies, so that you know exactly what services they offer. Find out how long they’ve been in business and whether they are well-established within the local area.

When searching private investigator services near me make sure your chosen company is local, it may sound like an obvious one but some get it totally wrong and can end up costing double, which could have been averted with a little due diligence.  If something goes wrong, it will give you an opportunity to speak directly with an actual person instead of having all communications routed through distant operators!  This is a big one for us as just because Google or any other search engine for that matter has shown you results for a private investigator near me doesn’t mean the company is near you.  Some of these investigation companies can be hundreds of miles away and most are south of the border.

Top tips when searching for a private investigator near me

  • Type private investigator near me in the search bar
  • Head to the three-pack map section (This is where you will hopefully find a local detective agency)
  • Click on the website and find the home page of that site, at the footer, you will see the correct address for the business.
  • Make sure you check the reviews, these can be easily spammed. Click on one of the names to see if the same person has provided a review for the same company in multiple locations throughout the UK.  (Note Most private investigation companies won’t have hundreds of reviews as most will likely work with people who don’t want their details, business and personal life spread over the internet)  Here is a link to our review profile on Google: Reviews
  • When you find an investigations company you believe to be near you, call them but listen out for the accent.  (Note Not all will be hundreds of miles away if they don’t have a local accent)
  • Ask if you can attend the office to meet in person (Dion International will meet with clients in Edinburgh at our base but this will be charged at a fee and an appointment is required)

One of the below listings is clearly spam to maximise the chances of you instructing them.  Unfortunately, this is an actual investigations company based some 400 miles away from Edinburgh.  This company will then sub-contract your case out on open networks to underqualified personnel they have never met.

Can you guess what is spam from the below listings?

Top Tips When Hiring a Local Private Investigator

If you’re searching for a private investigator near me, there are several factors that you need to keep in mind. Just because you’ve found an agency doesn’t mean they can automatically solve your problem. For example, at Dion International, our specialist skill sets are conducting covert surveillance operations and locating missing persons from bad debtors to long-lost family members.  To ensure you hire a detective agency that works best for your needs, it helps to consider the following three tips.

  1. Vetting

You should make it a core part of your own due diligence process to check that a private investigator has been independently vetted. The reason behind this is the absence of a regulated industry in the United Kingdom, and a licensing system that would enforce professional status for private investigators. Therefore, anyone with no background in private investigations can set up a business and take your money.

  1. Experience

There should be a level of assurance that a viable, reliable, professional private investigator can demonstrate their experience, with anonymised examples of past cases present on their website and documentation of their training, qualifications, and work experience available upon request. Military, law enforcement, and corporate professionals are frequently recruited for private investigation firms, which leads to a broad range of expertise and well-developed skills.

  1. Location

Some private investigation businesses have capitalised on the lack of regulation in the industry by acting as ‘Facilitators’ for clients without explicitly explaining how this works to them. Essentially, they serve as an ‘agency’ in disguise – these companies are full of salesman, not professional investigators, They are effectively handling your case before it is outsourced to a third party that you have not vetted. As a result, the integrity of your case, as well as the success of your case, are extremely vulnerable. It is not uncommon for such Facilitators to be based overseas or even have any direct contact with your situation.  The location of your investigator is also important as a local private investigator has local knowledge which in turn can benefit the investigation, resulting in a quicker resolution and keeping costs to a minimum.

Hire The Best Private Investigators in Town – Private Detective Services Scotland

More individuals are turning to professional investigators than ever before but finding a reputable private investigator in your area can be a challenge.  Private investigators are not required by law to be licensed in the UK, but you want one who is ethical and performs their work properly as it can have dire consequences if you choose the wrong one when lodging your evidence into a court of law or tribunal only to find out they have been conducting your investigation unethically.  The best and most reputable private investigator companies in the country are essential for anyone who needs to find out information about someone, from private clients to legal professionals. Whether you need surveillance conducted on a cheating spouse or more information about a potential business partner, a private investigator is there to help you and uncover the truth.

There might be many different reasons why you are considering hiring a private investigator. As Edinburgh’s local private investigators, we can deliver a wide range of services that require investigative work, some investigation services Dion International offer are:

No matter what your requirements are, our highly skilled private investigators in Scotland use a wide range of detective techniques that get you answers in the quickest time possible. Our investigation teams are based in Edinburgh, meaning we can get to most areas throughout Scotland within an hour or two and act fast on any issues as they arise.  During certain cases, As a trusted and reliable private investigations company we have been instructed to travel across Scotland, the UK and even overseas for numerous clients over the years in order to uncover the truth.

How Much Does a Private Investigator Cost?

Private investigator costs can vary from one company to the next and where the investigation will be conducted in the country. For example, most companies charge between £35 and £75 per hour in Scotland and between £50 and £100 south of the border.  Then you may have fees for parking, entry fees, food, beverage, extra specialist equipment and travel expenses. For an accurate estimate,  make sure you ask about all costs involved with your chosen investigations company in advance so you don’t have any unpleasant surprises on the completion of your investigation.  Knowing all costs upfront is essential. That way, you can build them into your budget and make sure you have a sufficient amount of money available for what you need to obtain all required evidence.

Private Investigator Service Near Me Scotland

Each operation is different so we deploy the services you need for your exact situation.  Our private investigators conduct covert operations throughout Scotland and cover localities, such as Edinburgh, Stranraer, Glasgow, Stirling, Fife, Perth, Dundee, Oban, Aberdeen, The Scottish Borders and Inverness.  If you require our services contact us now in confidence at 08000096960.