Rural Surveillance Scotland

Those trained in covert operations are specially trained to blend in and cope with rural landscapes, so no matter what kind of crime is occurring in your area we can protect your land, livestock, machinery, and assets. All types of land should be protected, from farmland to open space to city parks and expansive landscapes. Monitoring land and spotting suspicious activity can be challenging in rural areas.

CCTV can be difficult to install in such wide-open spaces, and large-scale preventive measures can be very expensive. Therefore, when your site is under threat, you need to act. With few discreet spots from where to monitor, it can be hard to effectively guard your land. By placing highly trained, surveillance operatives at covert rural observation posts, we can detect wrongdoing and build concrete evidence.


CROP is an acronym for Covert Rural Observation Post and is used where normal “urban” surveillance cannot take place. We will deploy CROP teams when the situation dictates that we cannot get close enough to the target to deploy a surveillance team. We may use CROP Surveillance for:


Dion International, are a leading Rural Surveillance investigations company based in Edinburgh, Scotland. We offer a bespoke professional investigation service to each new and existing client throughout Scotland the UK and abroad. Our professional and highly experienced surveillance operatives are specially selected from a rigorous selection process, we have a high number of ex British military and government agency personnel within the company who bring their own individual experiences from decades of working in some of the most challenging environments around the globe, thus enabling us to handpick the correct skill set of expert investigators to competently conduct your investigation.

Rural surveillance is a specialist skill that takes years of training to perfect. Our ex-military operatives are experts in the field and have laid low in the ground for weeks, in freezing conditions and sleep-deprived to gather evidence for our clients. They have the highest standards of discipline and go far beyond our competitors to secure clear evidence. That’s why Dion international is continuously deployed throughout Scotland to carry out rural surveillance investigations for large and small businesses.


We understand the sensitivities involved when contacting a company for the first time and for some people this can be daunting but please be assured our experienced team will guide you through the process and options relating to your case, having dealt with all types of cases over the years from sensitive private investigations to stressful business-related investigations we will make this as painless as possible.

Enquiries are treated strictly private and confidential and all operations throughout Scotland will be conducted within the law. Our private investigators are qualified to the national standard level 3 for professional investigators, Dion International hold all essential insurances and are registered with the information commissioner’s office and as such conform with the data protection act.

Our covert rural surveillance operatives have extensive knowledge of Scotland and cover localities, such as Edinburgh, Stranraer, Glasgow, Stirling, Fife, Perth, Dundee, Oban, Aberdeen, The Scottish Borders and Inverness.


After your free consultation, we will provide you with an estimate built around a number of factors such as, the task at hand, number of investigators required, hours on task, location of task and any other special requirements. Typical rural surveillance costs start at £50.00 per hour (minimum 4hrs) Daily rate packages are available for operations that may take longer.
Thank you very much for expressing your interest in our services. It is our pleasure to provide you with exceptional and professional covert investigation services in Scotland. We prioritise the well-being and protection of our operatives, and thus, we cannot compromise our values regarding bargaining. Our aim is always to deliver the highest quality services, with a team of highly competent investigators who are dedicated to ensuring that we meet your needs and exceed your expectations. Thank you once again for your consideration, and we look forward to the opportunity of working with you.
Yes, A full surveillance report is provided with photographs and a section of writing explaining what has occurred during the allocated time. Please be advised, if extra editing is required ie video, an additional fee is applied to the final invoice.